Posted on Jun 1, 2016

Memorial Cup in Red Deer!

Arrival of Memorial Cup!

What an exciting week and half we had in Red Deer! 

From May 19th-29th Over 100,000 flocked to the city to view the show case of the best teams in the CHL. 

It was last held in Alberta 42 years ago, 

This was an amazing event which would not have been the huge success it was without Red Deer's amazing volunteers.

Over this last week I fielded many questions from people wanting
to know: why was the military present at every game, and why did
the cup get flown in on military helicopters? So I'm going to give
you all a little history lesson on the Memorial Cup. 

The Memorial Cup is the junior hockey trophy awarded by the
Canadian Hockey League following a four-team round robin
tournament between the host team and the winners of the WHL, the
OHL, and the QMJHL. 

Donated by the Ontario Hockey Association in 1919, the trophy
was originally known as the OHA Memorial Cup. The Memorial Cup was proposed by Captain James T. Sutherland, the president of
the OHA, who was serving overseas in France. He submitted the
idea to present a trophy to honour two of Kingston's greatest
hockey stars, who died in World War I – Alan Scotty Davidson, lost
in battle in 1915, and Captain George T. Richardson, killed in action
in 1916 – and all the other Canadian hockey players who died in
battle.The trophy was designed and then dedicated to honour all the
soldiers who died fighting for Canada in the war. During the 2010
tournament it was rededicated to honour all soldiers who died
fighting for Canada in any conflict. For almost 100 years the
military have been acknowledged for their sacrifices with this
trophy.Through the generosity of some very special organizations in Red
Deer I was able to spend . . .

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